Do you know everything about managing Difficult Situations and Conflict?

by Real Changes | November 20, 2014
Do you know everything about managing Difficult Situations and Conflict?

Conflict happens... at home, between friends in the office and just about everywhere in-between. 

The great news is, that managed well, conflict doesn't need to damage relationships, business deals and our lives, it can have positive and productive outcomes.  

Knowing how to manage difficult situations and conflict, whenever it happens, creates confidence and eases stress. Morale increases and outcomes increase.

Some of the elements we consider important are:

What do you tend to do currently?

  • Ignore it, procrastinate, hope it goes away, hope someone else will fix it, blame others or external factors, fix it yourself (who else will?!)

Pre-empting situations

  • Means we can prevent many of them

What should you look for, and what action should you take?

  • Some words really matter – they impact the start of the conversation and often the outcome itself
  • Six step solution process for difficult situations – not meeting KPIs, a project not being on track etc
  • Six step solution process for difficult situations with people

There is a definite structure and your role is to facilitate rather than to mediate, you cannot solve the issue but the people involved can, and your role is to enable them to do so. 

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How does RealChanges guarantee results? 

We are committed to our PRIF Promise! – every workshop is practical, relevant, interactive and fun. Keeping this promise encourages, challenges and inspires our participants to take action, immediately. People learn best when they are having a good time.

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