Do you need Performance Reviews & Development Plans that motivate and engage your team?

by Di Tapp | November 12, 2014
Do you need Performance Reviews & Development Plans that motivate and engage your team?

How can you make performance reviews work, and even enjoy doing them?

How do you turn them from ‘a waste of time’ into a genuine pathway to higher performance and job satisfaction?

Have you experienced a review that didn't assess your actual performance, or the person providing the data didn't have relevant metrics and perhaps changed the review meeting from a conversation into a ‘manager monologue?'

RealChanges designs and delivers performance appraisals that work and get results

Appraisal systems fall under several categories, depending on industry and need. Some of the stumbling blocks we can encounter can be grouped beneath the below headings:

  • Process related challenges
  • Instrument (form/application) related issues
  • Manager/delivery concerns
  • Employee/subject challenges
  • Timing issues

If you've received feedback, or your results show that you're not quite nailing your process so that there's motivation, engagement and importantly, a successful outcome and way forward for all involved - RealChanges can help!

What can RealChanges help with?

  • Using your existing imperfect system... and making it work for you and your team
  • Critical components of performance reviews and development plans
  • Designing a performance review and development plan system that works!
  • Evidence based performance assessment
  • Giving feedback to gain the outcomes you desire

Productive and engaged employees are the result of a good performance management and appraisal system

How does RealChanges guarantee results? 

We are committed to our PRIF Promise! – every workshop is practical, relevant, interactive and fun. Keeping this promise encourages, challenges and inspires our participants to take action, immediately. People learn best when they are having a good time.

Expect a bit of the unexpected with us!

Please contact RealChanges with your questions about how we can make those appraisals and reviews even better.

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