Influencing and Negotiation - why do we need these skills?

by Di Tapp | January 8, 2015
Influencing and Negotiation - why do we need these skills?

The answer is YES!

In business, and in our lives there weill be times when the ablitity to influence, negotiatiate or persaude will be a great assett to ourselves and others.

Within our working world, depending on our role and responsiblities, there will be times where we can influence and negotiate and other times where we can't influence, so negotiation will be key.

At Real Changes, we believe that the foundation for both of these skills is firmly built in building and maintaining genuine and strong relationships.

A strong negotiation position depends on a genuine and strong relationship – how do you build and maintain these? - especially with the multiple pressures, including time pressures in each of our roles?

Crticial elements needed to achieve a successful outcome include:

  • Influencing  - the power of specific preparation
  • Building trust – the three critical pillars
  • ‘Smart trust’, ‘smart honesty’ – they are both crucial in leadership positions to influence and to negotiate successfully
  • Negotiatingconversations rather than confrontations result in positive outcomes.


  • How do you start, and continue the conversation?
  • First impressions, body language, words and tone all matter - why?
  • What do you need to do to convey the message you intend?
  • What are the habits we each have which are not helpful in negotiation?

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