Productivity and Time Management - have you got it nailed?

by Real Changes | December 16, 2014
Productivity and Time Management - have you got it nailed?

A challenge most of us face in today's fast paced world, is how to achieve our professional and personal goals and maintain an effective work/life balance. So how can you nail it?

We have six key steps that help manage workflow, time, processes and the people in your world. We can show you how to:

  • Determine your critical tasks – and then ensure that you do focus on these
  • Conduct purposeful time analysis so that it drives actions
  • Prioritise in order to drive outcomes
  • Identify proactive and reactive work, and how to manage each – both matter for a business to ‘thrive’ rather than ‘survive’
  • Manage upwards – it is as essential as managing yourself, your team and others that influence your day to day
  • Delegate successfully – for your benefit, for the person’s benefit, for the business benefit

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How does RealChanges guarantee results? 

We are committed to our PRIF Promise! – every workshop is practical, relevant, interactive and fun. Keeping this promise encourages, challenges and inspires our participants to take action, immediately. People learn best when they are having a good time.

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