Tips on building and leading teams... we have some for you!

by Di Tapp | December 11, 2014
Tips on building and leading teams... we have some for you!

Leaders and Emerging Leaders...

Would you like to have your current 'best practices' highlighted and reinforced? Would you like to be challenged to trial new tools and move to ‘next practice,' the result being higher levels of productivity and increased engagement for you and your team? Is it important that you have consistently high customer experiences and increasing revenue? We have 5 key elements that will help you achieve all of these goals!

Real Changes can help you:

  • Transforming a group into a genuine team – there are five essential elements
  • Identify and utilise the stages of team development –then enable your team to fast track through these to higher performance
  • Motivate yourself and your direct reports – using practical tools so that you can actually do this very successfully
  • Implement Goal setting and achieving – there are three critical components for this to be successful, you need them all to really drive your business
  • Work positively with a diverse team - including different cultures and different generations

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How does RealChanges guarantee results? 

We are committed to our PRIF Promise! – every workshop is practical, relevant, interactive and fun. Keeping this promise encourages, challenges and inspires our participants to take action, immediately. People learn best when they are having a good time.

Expect a bit of the unexpected with us!

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