Clients & Testimonials

Comments from clients who have attended RealChanges workshops:

A fantastic course to participate in and a very supportive and passionate facilitator. Discovered so much about myself and gaps in my leadership skills which I was able to address during the course and make major improvements.

Manager, Cathay Pacific

Di, you have made a huge difference to me over the last 5 months. I want to thank you for your assistance, guidance and inspiration. I have never before experienced the level of learning and application that I have throughout your management course. You are very good at what you do and as a result people like me become better at what we do. It is another Win / Win situation. Thank-you, and I sincerely hope that our paths cross again in the near future.

NSW Sales Manager

Greater confidence, more organised, scheduling and delegating much better, greater goal planning, greater interaction with peers, much better and more confident in dealing with conflicts. This was a great course!

Production Manager, Unilever

I can say with pride that I have changed a lot, both professionally and personally. In particular I learned so much from the delegation workshop and this has had a huge impact on my time management and in the engagement of my team. Customer satisfaction levels have increased and sales levels increased by 8% in only 3 months. My staff are more confident in making decisions for themselves. Thank-you for such a worthwhile experience.

Branch Manager, Harvey Norman

Just wanted you to know that I had a direct pay-off from your presentation course on Friday. I presented at the Oxford University Press Conference. Beforehand I re-read my notes from your workshops this helped me massively, especially the keywording, breathing and pacing. It all went really well and I had a fair few participants come up and thank me for the information and compliment me on the session. So I just wanted to say a big thank-you, your work is much appreciated.

Educator, Apple

The results I achieved from this course were fantastic. Di is not only a great motivator but has a great way of making the course enjoyable, interesting and easy to follow. There were so many brilliant ideas that came out of the course. I would highly recommend this course to any senior manager looking to sharpen their skills.

Senior Manager, finance industry

This course has really built our individual management skills and our team cohesion. It was very focused, hands-on and participant driven. I really like the fact that it makes you think and that it is both individual and team focused. Di is a fantastic facilitator, very positive, energetic, informative, attentive and knows exactly how to communicate with everyone. The only improvement she could make would be to join our company as strategist!

GM Finance, AMIST Super

This course was the best I have been on. The sessions were interactive, examples were tailored to suit our industry and most importantly, you helped us to be able to put the skills learnt into practice immediately.

Team Leader, Mirvac

Unlike a lot of courses it's not stuck in theory but is able to put things into practice. Workshop discussions were very beneficial in putting forward real issues and coming up with practical solutions.

Manager, Caltex

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