Influencing & Presenting with Impact

How often do you get what you want? Most of us don’t expect to get everything we want, all of the time, but... what if you could  get what you want more than 90% of the time?

You can develop your influencing and negotiating skills to do just that!

Do you just present ‘information’ or do you present ‘with real impact’?

''The results I achieved from this course were fantastic. There were so many brilliant and practical ideas – I am getting better results with customers and with my MD! Thank-you so much!'' Manager, Finance Industry

Who would benefit from our Influencing and Presenting with Impact Program?
This program is for experienced managers who require strong influencing and negotiation skills. It enables managers to present with impact  your presentations will ‘stand out’ and your messages will really ‘stick’!

What’s included in the Influencing and Presenting with Impact Program?
You select from the following focus topics, we then design and deliver a program specifically for your needs.

  • Influencing requires competence and confidence
  • The 3 question rule
  • Listening with your eyes and your ears
  • The power of options
  • Creating genuine win-win situations
  • Getting what you want
  • Powerful small words
  • First Impressions really matter!
  • Preparation and Structure
  • Overcoming nerves and apprehensions
  • Connecting with your audience
  • Closing with conviction
  • Powerpoint – using it effectively

How many workshops are needed?
That depends on the changes you desire and the number of focus topics you choose.

Why should you choose Influencing and Presenting with Impact with RealChanges?
All our workshops are interactive and fun, with an emphasis on practical outcomes. Participants will be able to implement tools and concepts immediately, and will be expected to do so between workshops. They will achieve genuine and measurable results as individual managers and with their teams.

Can we help with something that isn’t listed here?
Of course! Our team has vast and varied experience delivering our programs and courses Australia wide and overseas.

How does RealChanges guarantee results?
We are committed to our PRIF Promise! – every workshop is practical, relevant, interactive and fun. Keeping this promise encourages, challenges and inspires our participants to take action, immediately.


    Results come from taking action, not from ‘thinking about it’. RealChanges guarantees that participants will be able to take specific actions in their organisations, immediately.
RELEVANT When you invest time and money you rightfully expect your people to gain tools and techniques which are current and relevant to their roles and to your organisation.
INTERACTIVE We expect our participants to discuss and do... not just sit and listen. Learning is much more effective when it is interactive – participants will learn from the facilitator, the activities as well as from each other.
FUN People learn best when they are having a good time. Expect a bit of the unexpected with us!

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