Who Are We?

The RealChanges team is led by Diana Tapp.

Di has extensive experience, both as a manager and as a facilitator, trainer and coach.  She believes that the success of RealChanges can be attributed to experience, and therefore appreciation of, what it means to be a manager; to strong backgrounds in training and assessing; to a love of learning and of life; to a genuine enthusiasm and belief in the ability of people to change and to grow, often well beyond what they originally believe for themselves.

The entire team at RealChanges portrays these attributes and attitudes and these have enabled us to deliver great results and to grow as a business since Di founded it in 2007.

At RealChanges we develop and deliver programs nationally, across a wide range of areas including all aspects of leadership and management, customer service, performance appraisals and professional development programs, change practice, presentation skills, ‘train the trainer’, mentoring and coaching.

We have expertise in business consultancy conversations and in facilitation, training and coaching.

We are driven by the following principles:

  • We listen to what you want and need
  • We develop programs to meet these needs and wants
  • We connect with your people so that they can be encouraged and challenged to make positive and sustainable change
  • We deliver the results you desire