Why choose RealChanges?

Is it important that you see immediatemeasurable results when engaging in training and development for your team, yourself, your leaders?

When you partner with us, that is exactly what you will get – immediate, measurable results - guaranteed!

We are the training and development company with a difference.

Our nationally delivered courses and coaching programs are different to most:

  • we promise results ……. and fun!
  • we promise that every person who participates in our workshops will be able to improve their performance ……. immediately.
  • we promise to deliver the course you want …… we ask, we listen, we design and deliver.
  • our workshops are in “short series” ….. because we promise outstanding results. One-off workshops may ‘cover everything’ but they rarely bring significant and sustained change to your people and organisation.
  • all our workshops promise  ‘PRIF’ ……

Our trainers and facilitators are different to most:

  • we love what we do …… and it shows!
  • we have massive experience as facilitators ……. as well as being very  experienced in business.
  • we expect our participants to discuss and do …….. not just sit and listen.
  • we use ‘real world’ examples and focus on practical application …… rather than endlessly discussing academic models and theories.